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Claim Your Gift: A Sneak Peek of our upcoming book

Shivie and Ceemaj

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A Little About Our ExtraOrdinary Journey to Self Love

When we enter this world two things are certain:

Shivie - before
Shivie “Before”—Still a Lawyer (2000)

First, we will die, and second, that we will do it in this body.

Two things I did not consider until my 911 brush with death.

It took a near death experience for me to take charge of my life. I had to nearly die in order to fully live. It was not until I was out of that bubble that I truly appreciated the cost I had paid in sacrificing myself and my health for someone else’s idea of “success.” On December 31, 2001, I took one ExtraOrdinary step and walked out of the life that was slowly killing me. I felt I was losing my grip and barely hanging onto life.

Having struggled with self-worth and weight issues all my life, and weighing in at over 200 pounds, I was headed on a downward spiral.

Nothing worked.

Until I took that one ExtraOrdinary step and closed the door behind me, not knowing which door I was to walk through next. It was a step of blind and necessary faith.

For only the second time in life, I went against the grain and took charge of my own life. I wasn’t pleasing everyone anyway, so I made the radical decision to please myself.

Shivie - after
Shivie “After” (2005)

And life started unfolding in a completely different direction. I not only started to find peace within myself (it’s a lifelong journey), I released more than 70 pounds in weight and 66 inches from my body. I also found the thing that I thought I would never have, true love.

Not all of it was easy but all of it was outrageously attainable. It boiled down to making an ExtraOrdinary decision and taking that first ExtraOrdinary step. After that, it was free-fall and surrender, and life opened up her arms to me—in all her ExtraOrdinary glory.

Of course at that time I had no clue that Self Love was the missing element in my life, let alone awareness of how embracing the concept of ExtraOrdinary Self Love would be the greatest healing tool for me.

It took giving up on love for me to find it. Again it wasn’t an easy journey, but it gave me a chance to begin healing issues around love, trust and commitment.

Cemaaj is the greatest gift I have been blessed with. For the first time I am supported in love, with Cemaaj at my side.

Love is the warmest blanket on the coldest night, and I have it. Ten years later the flame still burns bright!


Shivie and Ceemaj
Shivie and Cemaaj meet at the park (2002)

Our Invitation to You to Join Us
on This ExtraOrdinary Journey

How would it feel to have ExtraOrdinary happiness, to have peace not only with the work you do but also in your own skin, to honor the way you spend your time and still have ExtraOrdinary success, to have relationships that are not always being “worked on” or “worked through” but are ExtraOrdinarily delicious?

To know that the challenges are just preludes to ExtraOrdinary vistas that you cannot yet see because you haven’t taken the necessary steps?

What will it take to get you out of that prison that is holding you in so tight you no longer recognize yourself?

How would it feel to not only release the weight on your body but also relieve the weight of life, live lighter and healthier, and have more freedom to be who you are so uniquely meant to be?

We didn’t have a blueprint or system when we both started our journeys. But we do for you! It’s time to take charge of YOUR life, set ExtraOrdinary goals and expectations and be around others like you.

The paradigm is shifting. The time is NOW.

The world is waiting for your brilliance to shine. Your place is saved, and all it takes is one step toward it. On our own we can do a great deal; together we can do anything. Apply for a Spotlight Session today ... your roadmap to your own Heroine’s Journey of ExtraOrdinary Self Love is waiting for you.

Are you ready to dig deep into your life and turn it on its head, shake it up, and see what falls out?

Just Click Here to set up YOUR Spotlight Session

Let’s go ... there is no time like NOW!¬†This is YOUR time to shine and it all begins with loving yourself and taking ExtraOrdinary Self Care.¬†Come be supported on this magikal journey.

Live. Love. Be Loved.